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 How Our Point system works

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How Our Point system works Empty
PostSubject: How Our Point system works   How Our Point system works EmptyTue Apr 27, 2010 3:58 pm

As a FREE bonus for being a loyal member of our community at, we are offering complimentary products to people who actively participate in our forum and other parts of the website! Simply by helping other users, asking questions, and talking to others about bodybuilding related topics you will be earning free items.

How can you earn points? Register on the forum and earn 10! Create a post and earn 3! Give a coment and earn 5! By doing almost anything on the website and posting on the forum you can generate 500 points in the first day. You will be well on your way to earning free product with less than 10 minutes work!

Being a member of has many perks, and free product is just one of them. Start now and become a member of our forum and earn points now!

Below is the list of the current offers. Just click on the "Redeem" button to spend your points on this product. Follow the instructions on the next page to enter your shipping information.


You must be a member of this community to redeem free products.

Roaring Tiger HD Black Weight Loss Supplement

How Our Point system works Roaring_tiger_HD_black_photo

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Extreme No Muscle Building Supplement

How Our Point system works Xtremeno_banner_3611

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How Our Point system works
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